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Here's What's Included In Your Membership


The First Year

  • The parenting secrets you need to know, from newborn to one-year-old.

  • How to prevent cognitive, social, emotional and motor challenges before they even begin.

  • When you should expect your child to reach motor, language, social and visual milestones.

  • The red flags that mean you MUST speak to a healthcare professional, before it’s too late.

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Parent Child Relationship

  • The quickest way to determine which attachment style your child is displaying.

  • What you must do if you’re parenting a child with insecure attachment styles.

  • Five ways to help a child grow into attachment styles that are healthier and more secure.

  • The reason for completely accepting your child as they are today can help them change and grow.


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Fear, Anxiety and Stress Phobia 

  • For many of us, an 'over-active' Fear Paralysis Reflex can be a source of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, and even physical pain. Here you will learn how to identify, test and treat an unintegrated FPR



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Sensory Processing

  • How Sensory Processing Disorder can affect your child, even in ways you may not realize.

  • The real difference between sensory seeking and sensory defensiveness.

  • The hidden “eighth sense” you may not be aware of, and how it could be causing sensory issues.

  • The world’s most powerful strategies for helping your child overcome sensory challenges.


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Picky Eater

  • The art of training your child to want to eat well.

  • How to find the root of your child's picky eating.

  • Ideas to help your child become more open to trying new foods.

  • How to prevent emotions from getting in the way when dealing with picky eating.



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Conversations with teens

  • How to maintain respect and authority as a parent, while allowing for collaboration and input from your teen.

  • How to include your teen in decision making, without it ending in you either giving in, or just saying 'no'.

  • Our '4 Steps to a Good Conversation'.

  • Foundational techniques that set the tone for a healthy conversation with your teen.

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Reflexes / Your Automatic Responses

  • What are reflexes and how do they work?

  • How a healthy process of reflex integration looks.

  • The results of unintegrated reflexes.

  • How reflexes work in a neurobiological sense.

  • Our 7 steps to reflex integration and some important pointers to keep in mind when engaged in this process.


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Parenting a Needy Child

  • Some important mindsets and awarenesses for you to consider before implementing parenting techniques, for a smoother ride and more successful outcome.

  • How to prime a child to be responsive to disciplinary measures with love, connection and positivity.

  • Steps to build appropriate, and effective boundaries and consequences.

  • The art of satiating the needy child - Ideal ways to respond to a child that is experiencing strong emotions.

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  • When is it impulsivity, and when is it “bad behavior”?

  • The hidden, neurobiological reasons your child struggles to control impulses.

  • The five most common reasons for impulsivity, and how you can help your child overcome them.

  • A unique and highly effective set of activities you can do with your child to improve impulse control.

  • Simple and easy parenting tricks you can use to deal with impulsiveness and prevent it from happening in future.

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Emotional Control and Regulation

  • What is regulation, and why is it so crucial for the welfare of your child?

  • The science behind self-regulation and co-regulation: the mirror neuron phenomenon.

  • How to self-regulate, including ways to reframe your mind as a step in working towards self regulation.

  • Some physical and emotional interventions which can act as effective regulators for both you and your child.



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  • The hidden reasons your child feels anxious, and why they’ll never tell you these reasons themselves.

  • How to spot anxiety and prevent it before it begins.

  • The mysteries of regulation and dysregulation, and how they could be destroying your child’s potential.

  • The fastest way to create a calm environment for your child.

  • Sneaky anti-anxiety parenting techniques you can easily work into your daily routine.

  • The simple “regulation” secret that can help your child escape an anxiety attack faster and easier.

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  • The core foundations of sleep, and how they affect the quality of sleep at every age.

  • Our excellent approach to sleep training babies 6+ months. A method that really works and leaves everyone confident, happier, and obviously well rested.

  • Tried and true techniques that will help bedtime with young children have a smoother, easier process.

  • Recommended non-invasive tools that can help children who are having trouble falling asleep.

  • Comprehensive guidelines for special circumstances, including bedwetting, needy children, and racing minds.

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Setting Intentions and Becoming Self Confident

  • What are intentions?

  • Why are they so effective in bringing us closer to our goals?

  • How intentions fit into the context of engaging in therapeutic work.

  • Our 'Triple A Intentions Program' that will take you through the steps of setting an effective intention for yourself, and your child.




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The Teenage Year


  • The single most important idea you’ll ever read about building your relationship with your teenager.

  • The real reason your teen is unfriendly and hostile - and it’s nothing to do with hormones.

  • The truth about neuroplasticity. How does it really influence teenage behavior?

  • How to immediately halt challenging adolescent behavior without tantrums or confrontation.

  • The little known ways teens can grow, change, learn and connect academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially.

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  • Factors that can cause aggression. 

  • How Sensory Processing Disorder can affect your child's aggressive behavior.

  • Strategies to preempt aggression.

  • How to give positive reinforcement and stay regulated with your child's behavior.

  • Helping children with Sensory Processing Disorder and aggression feel more comfortable.

  • How to deal with aggression in the moment.

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  • Abundant toolkit for treating the different types of attention issues.

  • How attention can affect child development. 

  • Types of attention and how they can affect your child's behavior.

  • Tips & tricks for helping your child who struggles with attention.

  • Therapeutic approaches and programs to help your child.


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  • Factors that influenceĀ student behaviors and outcomes in the classroom

  • How to regulate student behavior

  • Regulating yourself in the classroomĀ 

  • How sensory integration can be used in the classroom

  • Attachment issues and howĀ they can affect your classroom

  • How sensory processing can affect your students with attachment issues
  • How to use attachment methods in the classroom
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  • Symptoms and challenges of ADHD

  • The science behind ADHD

  • Underlying cause of ADHD

  • How rhythm can help your child

  • Food and ADHD

  • Self regulation techniques for parents
  • DBT Sensory Regulation Techniques
  • Social and emotional skills for children with ADHD
  • Teaching your child to cope
  • How ADHD can affect Sensory Processing Disorder
  • How to help a detached child
  • ADHD and school life
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  • Self regulation at work

  • Emotional and physical regulators for the workplace

  • How the flight or fight response affects you at work

  • Building positive relationships in the workplace

  • Effective communication techniques

  • Dealing with challenging colleagues
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